Chitrakoot Waterfall : Your Gateway To The Perfect Picnic Spot

If you are planning for a perfect picnic spot or to spend some quality time with your friends and family then Chitrakoot Waterfall will be the one you should opt for. This waterfall is known as one of the most beautiful tourist places across India due to its scenic landscapes and tempting rainbows in the rainy season. It is mainly located on the river bank of Indravati that originates from the Kalahandi district of Odisha that flows in the west direction and resulting this fall at Chitrakoot then flows into the Godavari river basin.

Chitrakoot Waterfall is the widest waterfall in India which is also popularly known as the Niagara Falls ( between USA & Canada ) of India with a width of 300 meters approx. surrounded by a dense forest. In addition to that Chitakoot is also home to a many medicinal plants and important herbs and has its own rich cultural identity among the tribals who resides near by.

chitrakoot waterfall

This fall is situated near Jagdalpur, heart of Bastar district in the state of Chhattisgarh and there are a lot of things to do near Chitrakoot Waterfall. By spending some time over here will definitely make you feel relaxed and get yourself connected with the nature so these are some interesting activities you could go for are listed below ;

Chitrakoot Waterfalls : Things To Do

– Photography

It is a perfect place to witness the nature’s amazing landscapes and experience them through your naked eyes and if you are a photography lover then you just can’t miss the rainy season surroundings of this waterfall because of its stunning rainbows patterns.


– Picnic

This fall is a top notch place to have a picnic with your family or friends surrounded by the dense green vegetation around. You will be surely tempted to enjoy the amazing sights of the mother nature and the peaceful breeze around. Addition to that the slow sound of the falling water and the chirping sounds of birds around will definitely left you nostalgia.

– Boating / Swimming

The best thing of the waterfall is that it also offers a paddle boat ride to its visitors providing them to enjoy and experience the nature so you need to contact the local boatmen for this activities following some security guidelines.

– Temple

A small temple of lord Shiva is situated on the left bank of the falls inside a cave which is popularly known as Parvati Caves and adjacent to that you will also get to witness a numbers of the small Lingas that are carved out from the stones.

How To Reach

  • Route 1 – Take a flight to Raipur the nearest airport in Chhattisgarh then hire a taxi which will take 5 to 5.30 hour journey to reach this beautiful place.
  • Route 2 – The nearest railway station is Jagadalpur from where you can hire the shared taxi or book the cabs accordingly to reach the waterfall.

Best Time To Visit ;

The best time to visit this majestic waterfall is in the Monsoon season i.e from July to October because this is the time where the mighty Indravati flows in a very rushed manner carrying a lot of water which let the slope/falls look scenic and more beautiful.

Near By Places To Visit ;

  • Tirathgarh Falls in the Kanger Valley National Park
  • 330-metre long Kutumsar Cave
  • Kailash Gufa
  • Bastar Palace
  • Narayanpal Vishnu Mandir

If you are being tired of your daily city chaos and want to connect yourself with the nature then this can be your next escape destination. So whenever you make a plan to visit Raipur,Chhattisgarh please don’t forget to add this beautiful place into your itinerary. It would be better if you go for an advance bookings for room availability which will be a hassle-free experience for you. Hope your next trip to this waterfall will be a pleasant and memorable one and please comment down the facts what you’ve the liked the most about this waterfall.