Arunachal Pradesh Tourism- Let’s Lost In Nature

Arunachal Pradesh “ The Land Of Rising Sun”. When You hear this What comes to Your Mind ? probably Budhism culture, Tawang the most popular place & valleys. But the fact is the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh is beyond Your Imagination.

Ever consider to visit an Arunachal Pradesh ?

You all know about the Heaven. But Do You know How is It Looks ?

If No,  then You have to visit Once in your lifetime.  You will get your answer.

It is one of the most unexplored offbeats of India. It’s serenic beauty, wild life and tribic culture is alluring. In every corner of Arunachal you will find peace and lots of love from the people.

Let’s explore Arunachal Pradesh that You never seen before.

A Complete Guide For Arunachal Pradesh Tourism :

Best Time To Visit :

Winter Season :

  • ( October to February)
  • Temperature- 17°C
  • Chilly Nights (  7°C to 2°C
  •  Good weather in the day          
  •  Travel to an Arunachal Pradesh starting in winter is the perfect time You can watch clear view of mountains & your trip plan will be easy going.
  • If you will go mid winter then you can see snow falls as well as you can do winter sports at snowy mountains. If you like adventure its best time for you. But sometimes road blocking issues may appear due to heavy snow falls. So difficulty of travel may happens. 
  • So I will highly recommend to plan trip in starting winter for Arunachal Pradesh. If you are going with your family & kids then this time is perfect. But overall winter season is the perfect time to travel.

How To Reach An Arunachal Pradesh :

By Rail : You can find the closest railway station Harmuty located at a distance of 33km from Itanagar.

By Air : You can find the Lilabari Airport Of Assam which is the nearest airport  for the state.

And By Road : you can find the direct bus facililty from Guwahati, shilong, tezpur, Dibrugarh, Tinisukia, Jorhat, Nagaon, Namsai connects to Itanagar.

Rout Plans For An Arunachal Pradesh :

If You will Arunachal Pradesh in Map, You will find the west to east distance of Arunachal is high (1200km). You can’t travel from one side to next side because of long distance.

  • If you want to explore west zone then first you have to visit west zone. If you want to explore east zone first then you have to visit east zone only.
  • But I will suggest to you visit west zone first because of good weather condition & high altitude. You will pass two high altitude which is sella pass (13700ft ) & Bum la pass ( 15200ft ). Both destinations are very popular in Arunachal.

To Explore West Zone :

where ever city you are staying first of all you have to reach Gowhati. After that You have to do prebooking for taxi in Gowahati.

Rout Direction : Gowahati – kalakang – Bomdila – dilang – sela pass– tawang – bum la pass

Note : You have to return by this same root.

To Explore East Zone :

Rout Direction : Gowhati – Dibrugarh –  pasighat –  along – mechuka –  dembuk

You can visit vagwan parsuram kund in the way which is the famous destination of arunachal Pradesh.

Note : Here also You have to return by this same root.

To Explore Middle Zone :

Rout Direction : Guwahati – Itanagar- Ziro-Daporijo-Along- Pasighat- Mechuka-Dambu

Trip Requirements For Arunachal Pradesh :

  • Covid Vaccination Certificate
  • Rental Car from Guwhati
  • ILP ( Inner Line Permit ) & Permit for Bumla pass – Ask car services to make permit
  • Packing & medicines : woolen clothing, Basic first aid + medicine (vomiting, nausea, cold etc )

Budget Of Trip To Arunachal Pradesh :

Budget for 5 days for 2 people :

  • 5000rs to 6000rs ( per day ) from Guwhati , So for 5 days total = 30,000rs
  • stay hotel in Bombdil = 3000rs ( aprx.) ( For One Day )
  • stay hotel in tawang = 9000rs ( Aprx.) ( For 3 Days )
  • For Inner Line Permit ( ILP) = 500rs ( Max.)

So the total budget = 48,000rs

Note : The budget will varrey If you book the full trip package at Make my Trip, by your choice.

Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh :

1. Tawang :

Tawang Monastery is named as ” Birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama.” The place which will surprise you with it’s natural beauty wrapped in the scent of spirituality. If you are mountain lover it is the perfect place to enjoy the serenic beauty. Trekking in arunachal pradesh to high passes ,Budhist monesteries, war memorial & tawang gate are special attractions to tourists. You can meditate at Taktsang Gompa in Tawang which is located at an altitude of about 12,500 to 13,000 ft. The calmess of this place will help to find inner peace. Just take a deep breathe and feel it from every core of your heart.

“Tawang, India – September 19, 2011: Sela Pass Gateway, with Buddhist prayer flags, at Sela Pass.”

2. Sela Pass :

Sela pass situated at an altitude of 13700ft and considered a sacred place by the Buddhists. This place is the lifeline for the people of Arunachal beacuase it is the only way that connects tawang district of the state to rest of the country. It is always covered in snow. The splendid view of sela pass attracts millions of visitors for trekking. If you love adventure then you are in right place.

3. Ziro Valley :

Ziro Valley is famous as ” Paradise Of Arunachal Pradesh ” located at foothils of Himalayas an altitude of 1500m above sea level. The valley is surrounded by small forests, towns &with paddy fields. The town is home to a very friendly tribal group known as the Apatani tribe. You will get the unique experience of tribe culture in villages with peaceful vaccation. The colurful flora & fauna will surprise you by its beauty. If you are a music lover then dont miss its Zero Festival.

4. Bum La Pass :

It is the border of India & China. The highest pass at 15200ft but You would need ILP to visit this place so make sure you got all the required permits before going there. The place is always windy & chill. In Bum la pass you will get to know about 1962 war & the history behind it. Afterr visiting this place you will get a real feel of sacrifice . hardwork of our soldiers to protect our country.

The view of Bum La Pass in Arunachal Pradesh ( the border of India & china )

5. Nuranang Waterfall :

 If you are looking a magical waterfall in Arunachal pradesh I will highly suggest Nuranang waterfall. When you will see the amazing creature by God you can’t take of your eyes over it. Nuranang Falls drops down from an altitude of 100 meters. It originates from northern slopes of the famous Sela Pass. It is also known as jung falls / bong bong falls.

You know why It named as Nuranang waterfall ? there is a interesting story behind it – Local monpa girl named Nura  who helped the Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, a Maha Vir Chakra awardee soldier during the 1962 Sino-Indian War but was later captured by Chinese forces. So, as an ode to her bravery, the locals named the waterfalls ‘Nuranang’ after her! It is not only a special attraction for tourists but also it is used to generate electricity for local people. The song ‘Tanhai, Tanhai, Tanhai’ from the movie ‘Koyla’ was filmed here and at Sangetser Lake in 1997. It is little bit challenging to wal downb to the falls but worth to visit.

6. Sangetstar Lake :

It is ormed by a flash flood after an earthquake in the year 1950. Sangetsar Lake is also known as Madhuri Lake beaucase of the shooting of Bollywood movie ” koyla ” acted by the legend Madhuri Dixit. The lake has been surrounded by wonderfully lush valleys, and snow-capped mountains. A leisure walk is the best way to explore the beautiful surroundings of the lake. It is the iconic place of every phographers to capture its marvellous beauty. Trust me, This lake will give you goosebumps.

7. Mechuka :

Do you love wintery cills and snowy moutains ? if yes then don’t miss this stunning place.It is the most popular tourist destination in Arunachal pradesh beacuase of its serenic beauty, exotic tribes, amazing hills & snow- capped mountains. It is located at the bank of river siyom. This place is pure bliss away from the busy city life , Mechuka the land of hidden treasure is perfect destination for your family in winer season.

8. Namdapha National Park :

This park is still unexplored for many people. Namdapha arunachal pradesh is among the 20 spots in India where you can watch red pandas. This the best example of wildlife, biodiversity which keeps the lots of secrtets of Arunachal. The beautiful forest posses the great diversity of flaura & fauna. It is only park in the World to have the four Feline species of big cat namely the Tiger , Leopard , Snow Leopard and Clouded Leopard and numbers of Lesser cats. You can easily lost in the lush greenary of Nampada.

I think this information will help You to explore Arunachal Pradesh. After Visiting this hidden treasure in earth I am sure You won’t regret. Your heart will say to visit again. If you like my article then please give your valuable feedback in the comment box. If you know any unexplored places the please share with me also so that I will cover that in my next article.

Something Interesting is coming soon till that stay connect with Me.