5 Most Visited Sanctuaries In Odisha For Nature Lovers

sanctuary is the best place where animals and habitats can travel and stay freely. in other words, we say a sanctuary is the best protection area for wild animals. this area saves them from poachers, killers and also provides the best environment. few sanctuaries are also reserved for abandoned and injured creatures. there are many sanctuaries worldwide. These are some famous wildlife sanctuaries situated in Odisha

1. Satakosia (dist -anugul )


Satakosia Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is situated at the border of Nayagarh and Anugul. In this sanctuary, many animals live in this sanctuary. But this sanctuary is reserved for tigers and crocodiles. People can visit here to enjoy, explore, hike, and picnic, People can also find animals like tigers, sambars, spotted deer, bison, wild dogs, giant squirrels, jackals, etc. There is a breeding center for freshwater crocodiles here. This place has been located here since a long time ago but in 2007 govt declared this sanctuary reserved for tigers. Nov to March is the winter time best for visiting this place.

how to reach

  • by plane; Bhubaneswar airport is about 180 km distance from here .private taxis, and buses, are easily available to reach the place.
  • by Train: Khurda Road is the nearest railway station 88 k.m distance from Satakosia.
  • by road; KUSANGA railway station dist;{boudh }is the nearest bus stop about 70 k.m distance from Satakosia

2. Chilika (dist-khurda)


Chilika is also known as a famous wildlife sanctuary in Odisha. This sanctuary is suitable for aquatic birds due to its climate and location This lake spreads over the districts of Puri,khurda, and Ganjam and is also the largest brakishwater lake in Asia. it flows into the Bay of Bengal which is also the house of prawns, crabs, and dolphins. Anyone can find a huge number of migrant birds. November to February is best for visiting chilika

how to reach

  • By plane: Bhubaneswar airport is about 115 km distance from here .Private taxis, and buses, are easily available to reach the place
  • By train: Balugaon is the nearest railway station and is also well-connected to Chilika.
  • By road: Balugaon is the nearest bus stop .anyone can take a bus from here to reach Chilika easily.

3. Bhitarakanika (Dist-Kendrapada)

Bhitarakanika is also a most famous sanctuary and is also known as Bhitarakanika National Park. This park is situated in the Kendrapada district. This is the 2nd largest ecosystem in India. Due to the wet and humid climate reptiles like crocodiles water monitor lizards, and pythons are spotted here. besides these deer, hyenas, and wild boar also stay here. In the winter season, migratory birds are also another attraction for visitors but Bhitarakanika is especially popular for brackishwater crocodiles. Winter season is the best time to visit the place.

how to reach;

  • by air: chandbali is the entry point of Bhitarakanika is 132 km from Bhubaneswar airport.
  • by train; Bhadrak railway station is near to bhitarakanika about 55 km distance.
  • by road: Khola is the nearest bus stop and a distance of 115 km from Bhubaneswar.

4. Chandaka Elephant Reserve (Dist-Khurda)

Chandaka Sanctuary is located in the south of Cuttack. This sanctuary is home to many types of animals and birds but Elephants are the principal species here. It spreads over 175 sq km. It is located outside of Bhubaneswar. A number of watchtowers are built here to watch birds and animals. Also, there are 2 water reservors attract people with their beautiful look evening time.

how to reach:

  • by air: Biju Patnaik International Airport is the nearest airport to reach the place.
  • by train: Bhubaneswar railway station is the nearest railway station 10 k.m distance from Chandaka. private taxi is the best option to reach the place.
  • by bus: Mastercanteen Bhubaneswar is the nearest bus stop located next to the railway station. from master canteen private taxis, sharing autos, and govt buses are also available to reach the place.

5. Nandankanan Zoological Park (Dist-khurda)

the word nandan kanan means the pleasure of a garden. This place is located about a distance of 20 km from Bhubaneswar. Along with Kanjia Lake and a forest it provides a clean and calm climate to visitors. There are also some extra facilities like battery-operated vehicles to travel in the zoo, ropeways, toy trains, boating facilities in Kanjia Lake, and also many types of safari buses are also available here. The best time to visit is October to February between 8.00 to 5.30 except Monday.

how to reach

it is located in Bhubaneswar and is well connected directly by air, train, and bus to all major cities and districts. Anyone can opt Mo bus service operated by the Odisha govt to reach Nandan Kanan.

Nandankanan Zoological Park

in this topic, we covered the 5 Most Visited Sanctuaries In Odisha. As soon as possible we will try to update more including food, Hotels, nearby tourist places, etc. Please visit regularly for more latest updates.