9 Best Biryani Places in Solapur – Must Try

Solapur is a city with a lot of history and delicious food. One of the tastiest dishes there is biryani, a special kind of rice with flavorful spices and meat. If you’re in Solapur and want to try the best biryani, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of the top 9 Best Biryani Places in Solapur. Whether you live there or are just visiting, these places make sure you have a yummy and satisfying biryani experience.

Let’s get started.

1. Sharavan Savaji Biryani House, Railway Lines:-

Sharavan Savaji Biryani House, the best biryani place in Solapur

Shravan Savaji Biriyani House in Railway lines Solapur is known for providing scrumptious biriyani. Apart from a desirable menu, their service includes home delivery, dine-in, and catering service. It was established in 2002 and today is one of the favorite spots among biriyani lovers.

  • Address:  Old Employment Chowk, Railway Lines, Solapur
  • Time: Everyday 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Average Price: 150 to 160 price
  • Phone no: 09420663166

2. Vaishali Biryani’s (Savji):-

Vaishali Biryani's (Savji):-

If it the one of Solapur’s most well-known hotels, known for its authentic Savji biryani flavor. There are a few hotels that are well-known for serving Savji’s biryani, but this one appears to be the original. You can find a large variety of foods from non-veg to veg all kinds of foods are available here. But the Savjiā€™s Biriyani is the main dish of attraction.

  • Address:  Old Employment Chowk, Railway Lines, Solapur
  • Time: Everyday 11 pm to 10 pm
  • Average Price: 170 to 180
  • Phone: 09028422999
  • Orderswiggy.com

3.Hotel Sharif Khanawal:-

Hotel Sharif Khanawal

Khanawal” typically refers to a place where food is prepared or a kitchen. “Sharif” is an Arabic-origin name that means noble, honorable, or virtuous. So, “Hotel Sharif Khanawal” could be loosely translated to “Noble Kitchen Hotel” or “Honorable Food Establishment.

  • Address: Old Employment Kharadi Complex Swain Peth Kaif Hotel in Solapur
  • Time: Every day 09to10pm
  • Average price:-150 to 160

4. Biryani House, Sadashev Peth:-

It’s my favorite biryani and it’s always from SP biryani. It likely refers to a place or establishment that specializes in serving biryani, a popular South Asian rice dish. “Sadashev Peth” seems to be a location, where the Maharashtrians cook the meat and the rice separately and then mix it for the biryani.

Its refers located sadashev path were likely to be most enjoys the biriyani. The waiter is most likely simple to the customer behavior simple to the customer with the satisfaction mostly enjoying the sadashev peth to the biriyani.

  • Address:– old Employeement khajina vihir chouk, lokmaya nagar sadsahev peth
  • Phone no:-0204475441
  • Order:-swiggy.com

5. Hotel The Only Place Family Restaurant Veg and Non Veg, Solapur:-

Hotel The Only Place Family Restaurant Veg and Non Veg, Solapur

This hotel is the place for the family in restaurants veg and non-veg in Solapur. The restaurant in place in provides various Solapur Seating various in the best arrangements in the best services. Restaurants act as great places for many situations. for team meetings to family dinners, it can help us wind range servants. many restaurants are there of customers preference. you can wide variety of vegetarian and non vegeterian and free options. We are looking for perfect places to have a date family or simple dinner simply wish have to with friends. we highly suggest visiting the hotel one place restaurant veg and non-non-veg place in Solapur.

  • Address:– old employment Railway Line, Railway Lines, Solapur Near Hotel Saiprasad Ramlal Chowk
  • Timming:-11:00 pm to 12:00 pm
  • price:- 200 to 210
  • Order:-Home delivery

6. Chicken Biryani At Tirang:-

Chicken Biryani At Tirang

The most popular joints in the city where one can indulge in some really good biryani. their Zahedaan Biryani is a specialty and takes quite some time to be prepared. Using lamb and red lentils which are marinated overnight along with special spices, it is quite delightful.

Chicken Biryani is a traditional Hyderabadi cuisine but famous also in South Asian countries. Different regions have a variety of preparations with various ingredients. Here a simplified technique is used layering the chicken and finally microwaving then garnishing in 3 parts to get a Tiranga effect.

  • Adress:-Old employment railway in Solapur
  • Timming:-10:00 pm to 12:00 pm
  • price:-250 to 350

7. Hotel Sai Swarup:-

 Hotel Sai Swarup

It appears to be the name of a hotel or lodging establishment. The term “Hotel” indicates that it likely provides accommodation services, and e place Sai Swarup is likely the name chosen by the establishment. The name itself doesn’t provide specific details about the hotel’s location, facilities, or services. visitors find that the staff is cute at this place. Guests mention that the service is spectacular here from the point of taking place in the Solapur.

  • Adress:-Old Employment Akkalkot Road Kumari, Solapur,
  • Timing hours:-12 PM to 11:45 pm
  • Delivery:-Outdoor seating

8. Hotel Praja Veg Nonveg in Solapur:-

 Hotel Praja Veg Nonveg in Solapur

Hotel Praja veg non-veg in Solapur City has a wide range of products and services for a variety of requirements of the customer. The staff of this firm of this industry believe that customer satisfaction is important as their product and services have helped this establishment of a customer, which continues to grow by the day. the business employs individuals who are dedicated to their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common and larger goals of the company. This business aims to expand its line of products and services and larger base in Solapur, This establishment occupies a permanent location in Solapur city.

  • Address:- Raghvendra Platinum Besides Punjab, Bhadravathi Peth, Solapur, 
  • Hours:- 12:00 to 11:00 pm
  • Phone no:-09325465084
  • Service:-Driving delivery

9. Hotel girish savaji in solapur :-

Hotel Girish Savaji in Solapur it is possible that the hotel generated that becomes that of the hotel. It recognized that by reviewing the search online resources the very restaurant is a place where people go to eat and enjoy meals. The restaurant can be independently owned or part of the character they often have many restaurants that customers can choose flatiron and may also offer especially daily. the restaurant has outdoor seating options as well as take-out and delivery options They also employ staff servers and cook prepare and serve meals. These restaurants are a great way for people to enjoy a delicious meal in a comfortable setting.

  • Adress:-Hotgi Rd, opposite balaji Sarowar, Asara Chowk, Solapur, 
  • Hours:-12:30 am to 11:30 pm
  • Phone no:-09657939397
  • Service:-Dine-in takeaway


We can provide you with some general tips on how to find the 9 Best Biryani Places In Solapur and make conclusions based on reviews and recommendations that have specific information about the best biryani places in Solapur. The popularity and quality of restaurants can change over time.

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