7 Best Street food of Raipur a person must taste !!!

Raipur is the capital city of Chattisgarh state in Central India. It is a very important location from an archaeological and historical point of view.  It was part of Southern Koshala, then it became part of the Mauryan Empire. This city is a paradise for food lovers looking for a wide range of flavors. It effortlessly combines traditional Chhattisgarhi cuisine with contemporary culinary trends, and provides delicious food experience. Let’s discuss some of it’s famous street food.


Best Street food of Raipur

It is Gujurati dish which is famous in local street of Chattisgarh. It is cooked  with rice batter which is seasoned with various spices. It is available in both steamed and fried. It is made with fenugreek leaves (Methi). It is usually enjoyed at breakfast. This is also loved by rural people of India.

Price:- 24/- per 100 g.m

Places to eat:- M.G Road, Raipur


Best Street food of Raipur

Chila is a pancaked or flat chapati dish made out of rice batter mixed with Urad Daal. It is very easy to cook and very delicious to eat. It can also be made at home. It is an important part for breakfast if someone is a pure vegetarian. It is preferred to earth with green chutney but a cup of tea is an add-on.

Price:-  30/- per plate

Places to eat:- Gaurav Path, Civil Lines, Raipur

3.Sabudana Ki Khichdi

Best Street food of Raipur

Sabudana Khichdi is a very popular dish in Chhattisgarh. It is also famous in every corner of the country. It is very healthy for people. It is made from soaked Sabudana balls. We can also add varieties of vegetables for better taste and it can be very delicious after that. For addition we can use green Pudina chutney for a better taste.

Price- 30/- per plate

Places to eat:- Pt.Ravi Shankar Shukla University Campus, Great Eastern Rd, Amanaka, Raipur

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Best Street food of Raipur

    Faraa is called desi Momo. If you want to ever taste a desi styled Momo then Faraa is the only option. Main ingredient for this dish is Rice, with this we can add some spices and coriander leaves for better perfection. This item is very tasty and healthy.

Price- 20/- per plate

Places to eat:- Gaurav Path, Civil Lines, Raipur


Best Street food of Raipur

Bafauri is a great alternative option for oily pakoda, which every 7 people love out of 10. It is made with Chhana dal with varieties species with fenugreek leaves (Methi patta). It is shaped into balls and made with oil, which is very healthy and tasty for our mouth. A tomato sauce or Pudina chutney can be an add-on for better taste.

Price- 20/- per plate

Places to eat:- Main Rd, Aminpara, Raipur


Best Street food of Raipur

Khurma is a very famous sweet dish of Chhattisgarh. It is made with Milk and Vermicelli. The roasted vermicelli is cooked in boiled water adding sugar, milk, dry fruits, resulting a sweet Khurma. It is very tasty.

Prie- 30/- per bowl

Places to eat:-  Raipur – Bilaspur Expy, Nahar Para, Police Colony, Moudhapara, Raipur

7.Dubki Kadhi

Best Street food of Raipur

Dubki Kadhi is a very popular dish of Chhattisgarh. It is mainly served with a lunch platter. It is made with Pulse and made into small balls. After that we need to give Tadhka to Dahi (Curd) with Ghee or Oil. It is very tasty for the mouth.

Price- 20/- per plate.

Places to eat:- Banjari Rd, Fafadih, Devendra Nagar, Raipur

These Indian foods are very famous not only in Raipur but also across the country. It is available in the streets of Raipur as well as you can make all these items at home also.

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